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I love color.  And even better than one color, I especially love two or more colors that work beautifully and harmoniously together.  Using a multi-color look for your bridal party is right on trend for 2011.  There are quite a few ways to pull off some great looks with this trend, and we’ve put together a few fresh ways to use multiple colors.

First, you’ll need to decide what colors you want to use.  Three is a good balanced number that works nicely.  You can use more or less, however, we are going to focus on the selection of three colors.  One way to go is to use three shades of the same color, or a Monochromatic color scheme.  An example would be a pale purple, medium purple and dark purple.  If you want a little more contrast consider using a color triad with two neutrals and a color.  If you want a beautiful mix of colors with a lot of contrast, a complementary scheme can be a nice bold way to go.  A color triad is a mix of three colors perfectly balanced on the color wheel, like our mustard, teal and passion fruit combo shown above.

Now to apply the colors you’ve chosen to the bridesmaid dresses.

The first way that we really like is the three color dress.  One color on the skirt, another around the midriff, and another for the top.  This look is fresh and modern and adds a lot of interest to each dress.
Another great way to use the multi-colored look is to pick three colors and then use a combo of 2 of those colors for each girl.  This look is especially great when the girls all go with a matching style.  It gives a great continuity with just a little contrast, which creates a great bridge between a traditional bridal party line up and a modern edgy look.
If you decide to go with multi-colored dresses, and you also are thinking about putting them all in different styles, consider doing both.  Use completely different styles that all use the same combination of colors.  This will allow each girl to use the colors where they will look best on them, and to choose a style that works best as well.
If you love this look and want your bridal party in multi-colored dresses, schedule an appointment with an Avail & Company designer to create the perfect styles for your wedding!
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