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Many people are fascinated by the Medieval time period.  The dress, song, and food brings images of a romantic time when a fair maiden would be swept off her feet by a knight in shining armor.  Poetic in nature, the Medieval time period is a fitting and popular theme for weddings.  If you are planning a medieval wedding then you will have many things to think about and plan.  One of the most important, yet most difficult tasks you will face is finding apparel to fit your day.  Medieval wedding dresses require much more planning and thought than a traditional white wedding dress would.  Therefore, we will list many of the factors that you need to consider.  This article will cover the basics, however, watch in the coming weeks for our follow up articles that will go further into depth on the points we raise here.
Princess Theodora in 510 A.D. wearing early Medieval clothing

Princess Theodora in 510 A.D. wearing early Medieval clothing

Mary I in a Spanish Farthingale Late 1500's

First, you will need to determine the time period.  Medieval or Middle Ages actually spans a very large piece of time, from about 300-1800 AD.  Fashion and style changed quite drastically over this era from slim robe style gowns in the first half to full skirted corseted gowns in the later half.  The time period you choose may be determined by several factors, such as the venue.  For example, if your location is an old tudor style home, then the Northern Renaissance period from 1500-1600 will be the most fitting style to choose.  You may also base the entire wedding around the time period that you just simply prefer and like the best.  It is important to remember that the time period you choose should serve as your inspiration, and you will most likely find yourself taking some modern liberties.

Once you have selected the time period you will want to find a custom dress designer and maker that knows fashion history and can create custom medieval wedding dresses that replicate a time period and embrace your fashion style.  At Avail & Company, we have experienced professional designers that have experience working on historic gowns.  It is important that you find someone with good knowledge of fashion history, if you want your gown to look authentic and as true as possible to the time period.  A custom designer will also be able to create custom undergarments that give your dress the right shape, work perfectly with your dress and provide you with the maximum amount of comfort.

Choosing the bridesmaid dresses, mother’s gowns, flower girl’s and men’s apparel can also prove challenging, so you may want to work with your custom designer for these outfits as well.  Cost is usually a factor with these pieces, however, a good design within your price point can usually be reached.

Medieval wedding dresses can be challenging to find and complex to plan, however, your hard work will pay of and your wedding is sure to be a joyous and memorable experience for you and all of your guests.

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